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Wool for Sale

I have raised wool sheep for approximately 35 years and the present mixed black and white herd is mostly Corriedale (older Crane lines), and progeny from Navajo, and Romney lines. For the past few years I have included several Icelandic ewes and their crossbred daughters are exceptionally beautiful with some gorgeous fleeces. Some of the old distinctive Navajo crosses are of striking pinto and "Appaloosa" markings.

Fleeces for sale include white and numerous shades of silver and black. Out of personal preference the ewes are not blanketed, so tips are naturally sun-bleached on the darker fleeces. Ewes are on mostly green pastures so fleeces are relatively weed-free and clean.

Pricing starts @ $2.00 per lb. up to $8.00 per lb. Fleeces are well skirted; buyer pays actual postage, no handling fees.

I would be glad to send samples for a nominal charge of $2.00 to cover postage. E-mail for particulars please.

Please enjoy looking at the photos to get a general idea of herd. My good friend has taken lovely pictures along with designing this web site. Pictures will rotate often.

Thank you for considering DEER SPRINGS RANCH.

Donna Shandley

Deer Springs Ranch
20990 Deer Springs Road
Manton, CA 96059

Email: donnaj@shasta.com